Snowdon Twilight


This was my whole reason for making the trip to Snowdon. To view sunrise from the top. I set off by torchlight from the Pen-y-pass car park at 03:15am and made it to the top of Crib y Ddysgl at 05:17am! An hour faster than I predicted! I guess it was the lack of being able to see where I was going that made me forget how far I was going to climb! Or it was the tunes in my ears, we will never know! I chose to not climb Snowdon as I wanted a photo of Snowdon rather than at Snowdon. I also ascended without taking a coat with me, which wasn’t the best move to be honest… I kind of forgot to bring any coat to Wales with me… Warm coat, wet coat, medium coat… Forgot the lot! Two jumpers and a thermal just about did it for me!
The photo itself is made up of a multitude of photos taken in a panoramic. The stars and sky were taken in one sweep, and the mountains and lakes taken slightly later in the morning when there was a smidge more light! The original set of ground images taken at the same time as the stars were way to noisy! Stitching the photos together was a mission in itself, photoshop and Lightroom both refused to stitch them together which was a pain… I settled with a program called Hugin Panorama Photo Stitcher and manually set about identifying similar points on adjacent photos to let the software stitch it all together! Overall, this edit took 7 hours to pull together! Super proud of how it has come out though! The bright thing in the star above the rising sun is Venus, super cool to see!

Camera settings for the sky and ground respectively:
20s, 30s
f/5.6, f/5.6
ISO-5000, ISO-2000
24mm, 24mm

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