Snowdon’s Welsh Blanket


What an evening this turned out to be! I finished work at 16:00 and was on the road to Snowdonia at 16:30. I reached the base of Cnicht at 19:30pm and immediately set off for the top! With the cloud hugging the ridge line, I was hopeful of the forecast of broken clouds would come true at the top. I managed to reach the top at 21:30 so not bad going that I could hardly see a thing at the top!

At 22:18, the clouds did break, and they left me with this jaw-dropping view over the clouds to the Snowdon range to the north! They didn’t break for long though, 2 minutes at the very most with the cloud coming and going was all I got! I was jumping up and down with excitement that I almost forgot to press the shutter! It’s a shame they didn’t fully break just after sunset as the higher clouds lit up beautifully through the cracks of cloud that battered me.

Walking back down was another challenge… Now night, and with the thick cloud, I could hardly see where I was going and the footpath kept disappearing from right under my feet! Sketchy is one way of describing it, silly would be another… But oh boy was it worth it for this one shot!

From left to right, the peaks are:
Yr Aran
Snowdon / Yr Wyddfa
Crib Y Ddysgl
Crib Goch

Camera settings: