Talacre Lighthouse

North Wales

This sunset was incredible! I was driving home from Snowdonia and I noticed the clouds were catching some light which was being reflected off the Irish Sea. I quickly pulled over to a layby and went on the hunt for sunset locations on my way-ish home! The Lighthouse was one of the first places I looked at and the pictures of it on Google made it look promising. So the sat nav was reprogrammed and a 30min detour was a go!

It took a bit of time for me to find the Lighthouse from where I parked as the dunes were huge in size and number! I eventually got to the sea, set my bag down and got my camera out.

I got rained on a bit, but it didn’t matter as the light was getting better and better! I recon the rain gave the light the wonderful smooth gradient of colour and made the sunset so vibrant!

In terms of editing, you would be surprised to know that I didn’t do a great deal to it! I didn’t touch the saturation at all! There was no need! I did raise the shadows up a bit in the Lighthouse and increased the lights in the glass at the top which I think make it look awesome!

Camera settings: