Trudging Through The Snow

Peak District

I loved this spot at Edale Rocks, the cloud was kind and didn’t make the rocks disappear unlike all my previous locations on the approach which aren’t as good as this one! There are three photos in the set, and they are in what I think is the order from best to least best. Let me know if you think different!

The figure, knee deep in the snow, is me! Therefore I’m classing this as a selfie! The shots were taken by putting the camera into its intervalometer mode where it took a photo every few seconds or so, allowing me to walk off knowing that it’ll take a photo of me at some point! It was bitterly cold in the wind and the forecast suggested that the wind chill took the temperature down to -8°C! Hence the hood up and head down approach to my walk!

Camera settings:
Intervelometer set to 4s between shots